Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Coding using the Osmos

This week with assistance from our lovely parents, we all got started with Osmo Coding for the first time this year. The challenge is to guide Awbie ( a playful character) who loves eating strawberries on a tree shaking, strawberry- munching adventure by giving him commands using the coding blocks. Such fun!!

Friday, 23 March 2018

Project Jonah

Project Jonah came to school and told us really interesting facts and information about whales. With Room 19 we made origami whales. It was challenging making the folds and following the instructions, but we did it! Valentina is looking extra happy because it was her birthday today which she also shares with Mrs Dijkstra.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Walking School Bus

This week has seen a special focus on walking to school. A number of our class are part of the Walking School Bus and regularly walk to school. Mrs Dijkstra remembered to take some photos of some of the events. Here we are with our Funky Feet and Super Heroes outfits.
Thanks to all the children who were able to participate and for the Mum's and Dad's who helped organise the various costumes. Well done! It was a fun thing to do and so good for the Environment!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Crossing the Road Safely

Yesterday Constable Hotter taught Room 24 how to cross the road safely. He talked about "Stop, Look and Listen" He reminded us to look both ways and to look for cars as well as bikes, motorbikes, trucks and buses. He reminded us to listen carefully and to walk smartly across the crossing whilst still looking both ways. Room 24 did this so sensibly and safely!
Lastly, he talked about his uniform and the different things attached to his belt and what they are used for. Everyone found it so interesting. Police help look after us!!

Monday, 26 February 2018

Fergal is Fuming

Mrs Dijkstra read us a story called Fergal is Fuming. Fergal is a dragon who gets mad. His fiery temper gets him into trouble. He needs to find ways to cool down. His friends suggest that he could count to ten. He could tell a friend. He could watch the sunset. He could find a quiet spot and make a big noise. He could lie back and have a big stretch. He could run fast. At the end of the story he finds interesting ways to use his fire. What do you think that might be? Maybe there will be times when we could use some of Fergal's cool down ideas?

Friday, 23 February 2018

Family Shields

We made a shield. We drew pictures of our family and of food we like to eat and of things we like to play and of things our family like to do together. Our shields told a lot about us and helped us get to know each other better.
Mrs Dijkstra loved the detail in our drawings and how colourful they looked. Mr Dijkstra stapled them up high around our room because he is nice and tall.

Self Potraits

We have now finished our self portraits. We painted inside the outline with skin coloured paints and collaged the background using three different shades of blue. We glued on wool for the hair and our sunglasses illustrate what we did in the holidays. We also used pastels to complete our faces.
We all look gorgeous!